Reseller, workshops and Dealers EU

   European Dealers, reseller and workshops without VAT  

Dealers and resellers without VAT number, Pay 25% TAX
European buyers without VAT is always paying Swedish TAX,
Create acount and instead of VAT no add your company ID or leave empty
Within a few hours your account is activated.

IMPORTANT: If you don't fill in your VAT and make a buy without your VAT. we can not change or
remove the VAT for that order.
But we/you can add your VAT number at any time and VAT is removed on your next order.

   European Dealers, reseller and workshops with VAT  

Dealers and resellers with VAT number. don't pay Swedish TAX.
you need to create a account including your VAT number,  then we activate your dealer acount.
After that you can make purchase on many of our dealers price.
Prices can only be viewed by customers with account, in 1 June amore products are included here.
VAT Number is country code followed by numbers, ex Sweden is, SE01010101001

Payment can be done with credit card, visa, MasterCard etc on Payson checkout or PayPal, (PayPal has a fee of 5,25% of the total payment).
You can also Contact us to be a regular invoice customer with no extra fees, then you get the invoice by mail and as soon as its payd we ship the order.
Invoice is only for bigger orders.
Small order We prefer to ship with DHL to companies.
Bigger orders, 2-12kg we need to ship with DHL

New deals with DHL 
Check out new prices

IMPORTANT -- Prev. customtronix Customer -- IMPORTANT

The prices on Blinker Splitter are tranfered from Customtronix to stay as close as possible, 1 pcs purchase is little cheaper now
5 and 20pcs is about the same on splash proof.
On 4.3plus standard splitter with the new design  the price is is a bit higher on 5 and 20pcs

When checkout you will see VAT in one step but it will be removed in the next step

Swedish buyers 

we recommend

When you enter a purchase at you agree to the following terms
Payson Invoice,
"If you choose to pay with Payson invoice, a fee of 40 kr will be added.
Payment terms are 14 days and the invoice will be shipped separately from Payson by email to the email address you provide.
To pay against Payson invoice, you must be 18 years old and be registered in Sweden and approved in the credit test performed at the time of purchase. "
It does not work with a company ID but must be an authorized person's social security number.

Prices and tax
All our prices includes 25 percent VAT. We reserve ourselves for VAT, fees, currency fluctuations or the like that are beyond our control.

All orders from CarTown are binding. Normally, you will receive a confirmation within a few minutes to the email address you provided at the time of order.
If your confirmation is missing, if you cancel your order or have made a mistake, contact us immediately at or
Call us so we can cancel the order or  if you simply want to add a new order.
Please note that you must have reached the age of 18 to order from CarTown and that we can refuse purchase.
We save IP numbers on all orders and police officers, invariably, fake ones.

With us, you quickly and securely pay your products with Visa, MasterCard or EuroCard.
Card payment is the cheapest option for customers, where cartown does not charge any fees.
We also offer Invoice for swedish customer via Payson invoice, smooth and easy, however, Payson takes a fee of 4euro for this.
We use the latest technology for online credit card payments using Payson.
Please note that you can not pay with Visa Electron and Visa + with us

If you regret a buy and the products is not opened we can make refound -12% to cover bank fees etc
Returns and refound of electronic products like relays, splitter etc there must be broken products or
a very special reason since we never ship out a products to times, it will be destroyed.