We know that Blinker The splitter works on virtually all American cars, but have you installed it in some odd car so please tell us which model.
Equally so if you want to tell about the installation procedure on the other cars, or have any info that should be posted here, just contact us and we'll fix it.
Models of automobiles that we know at the box works, Ford, Chevrolet Dodge, Jeep and others.
Some Mustang need 1par LFOD to neutralize any error messages, as well as some Chrysler may have all the lights in LED may need a few LFOD,
is now available as standard in all boxes which gives a very smooth installation, Cherokee need an extra pair of relay before the box due to weaker signals. 2013 ->
Mustang 2010-2016 we recommend Swelights solution, splitter also works if you choose regular flashing lights.
For some newer models such as the Mustang 2015 Camaro with LED you our LED tiles for lamphusmontering, is really good.

NYTT: Glödtrådsvakt - LEDinstallation i släpvagn - Jeep Cherokee

  FAQ Blinker Splitter Version 4.*:


Question: What does a Blinker Splitter?
Answer: The brake and turn signals carried in the same cable (one on each side)
this cable cut man and leads into the splitter and then out on the same
cable and in the brake light, the beauty here is that you now have separate
outputs for turn signals and brake. The splitter feel the power of example
central brake light and sends it out on separate outputs,
PIC processor also separates out turn signal from the cut
cable and sends this on separate outputs.
A very intelligent box.
This way you will not have turn signals as brakes and brake lights that flash.
You also avoid the risk of damaging your sensitive BCM elektronikstyning
in the car, which happens many who steals the blink pulses mm from the wrong places.

Question: Should this even on cars where you can cut the cable
brake signal?
Answer: On most modern cars are no cables to cut but
Some older models such as the Corvette C5 can cut a cable at
brake pedal and thus filter out brake from flash cable.
There need not Turn signal splitter, but keep in mind that there is not enough
power in the center of the brake cable to operate the brake lights and then
needed relays with additional power needs.
To clean this with a clean installation, and relays with high
quality, we have a Relaybox this box gives you those inputs and outputs
you need for a clean installation.

Question: What happens if you connect wrong, you can damage the car's electricity.?
Answer: We have not heard anyone who succeeded in this, but a poor
thing is to turn the power on the splitter outputs, relays in the box
to prevent the splitter breaks but it can still cause
weird errors, incorrect wiring replaced, unfortunately, not by us.
Prepare your installation carefully to find out which cables
to cut and draw a diagram
(Write out a blank here), alto follow our then it will go well, these
works on many models, usually only the color of the cables are different.
If you are unsure about the electrical installation, contact a workshop for assistance and advice.
We are also here if you have any questions regarding installation Turn signal splitter.

Question: After the installation of Blinker Splitter with common indicators,
(Not LED) that flashes too fast, Why ?.
Answer: Probably so, drag the new light / pilot lamp much less power than
orignal turn signal lights, this is required when a resistor to compensate for this,
so the car does not believe that the lamp is broken. Check with us what you need,
and Check grounding of the box.

Question: brake and flash work, but when I brake and flashes
while flashes there.
Answer: Perhaps you have an early version of the splitter and then have to mount
a relay according to instructions from the central brake light and the box, power
the brake light is simply not enough to supply the brake and flashing
at the same time. Have you recently purchased the box so check that it has
good power, connect directly to the battery with a 10A fuse,
Check grounding of the box.
NOTE: Some newer models such as the Cherokee is not plastic enough power
turn signal. see separate instructions for Cherokee Others

Question: Do you have to use a Turn signal splitter to get the car
approved and functioning properly?
Answer: Yes, to avoid having to cut up wires everywhere in your car, at the risk
for a lot of error messages as a result so is probably Blinker splitter it
only option, it also becomes very easy troubleshooting if an accident
front or for the next owner who wants to change something.

Do not take a car for several hundred thousand, and then save this
small cost, it's not fun for the next owner to have to cave in electricity where
tried to solve the blink and brake with its own omdragningar, likewise
so does not affect the splitter car's other components, which often occurs
with ugly couplings.

Question: When I blink and brakes simultaneously flashes the brake lights
on one side, even though I know I connected just right.
Answer: It is likely that the box may not plastic enough power, check where you are
taken your advantage. such as lighting in the trunk is bad place to take power from.
find a current that is constant to the battery either directly or through any
via the ignition as you know is plastic enough power, but if it causes trouble,
Always try the battery right away to be sure of stable power.
do not forget to secure the power with a 10A fuse.

Question: I have a newer pickup and sound an alarm if the lamp failure almost
all the time and I know that everything is connected properly.
Answer: Could be that the car has a filament guard who checks the lights
every second, sometimes almost all the time, cars that just checking when
flashes have no problem with this.
Could also be that the flashing signal only delivers 5V at the blink and then
not react splitter. the solution is to put a relay on each side
coupled between the flash / brake cable and box.
Instructions for this are left.
Be sure to relay a blocking diode like this

1) Print wiring diagram and clamp it in one of the cables in
trunk, there is always near the box.
2) Starting still blinking too fast for 3-4 wink?
check through the installation again, check that it is the right resistance. check
grounding. The splitter does not care and does not affect the blinking,
it passes it to the sheep, a common cause is connected incorrectly / unearthed
resistance, or that the box does not have a plastic enough good plus, so if the brake
for example, does not work when you blink so often the fault that it has taken plus from
wrong source, so measuring the plus what happens when you apply the brake as you are
sure that it does not dip in the cable.
IMPORTANT: Blinker signal splitter must be fully engaged before testing
if everything works, do not connect just one side before the test.
connect Power, Central brake light, both brake inputs, and the
four outputs should be connected before the test.

ICOS Instruktioner Ford Mustang 2011  

Scheman för Mustang, Splitter Box Version 3 - 4.3
Följ kopplingsschema Splitter ver 4.3 nedan, bygla
aldrig boxen, boxen behöver permanent plus.
(gäller bilar med och utan centralt bromsljus).
Detta är för Mustang 2010 -13, men verifiera ändå
alltid färgerna till höger resp. vänster broms/blinklkabel
innan start. Det finns alltid undantag.

   Mustang 2010 - 2012          Mustang 2013 -
Camaro 2010 / 2012  

Cartowns Installationsmanualer  Splitter Ver. 4.X

  Övre bromsljus    Blinker Splitter   Blinker i backljus


Kopplinsscheman Camaro Gen5 Splitter Ver. 4.X

   Splitter Ver 3.0       Splitter Ver 4.0       Splitter Ver 4.3

Övriga bilar (meddela oss gärna om ni finner felaktigheter)

      Challenger        Jeep Cherokee      Corvette C5 etc

Övriga Instruktioner ( Ej klara)

    Dodge pichup     Glödtrådsvakt         Släpvagn LED

Ren ritning där du själv skriver i dina färger på kablarna

* - Corvette C5 kan med fördel köras med köra den billigare
boxen då filtreringen i PICkrets är borttagen.
Med denna box blir installationen på ett ställe du får
ut tillräkligt med ström för att driva bromsljusen.
Mycket enkelt och tydlig installationsförfarande.

Bra länkar och dokument, Camaro Gen5
You Tube - Ta bort fronten på Camaro Gen5
Ta bort panel på bakbumper för installation av blinkers
PDF - Reservdels guide Camaro Gen5
Följ en installation av Halo och laserlogo på en Camaro hos



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