LED Switchback 3157/T25 white/yellow Gen5 (1pcs)

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Switchback Generation 5

 Generation 5 is the absolute best switchback lamp with clear diode that can penetrate the red backlight and display yellow light
  SMD LED Gen 5 has a burn time of approximately 50,000 hours. This solid lamp holds absolute tbest switchback on the market.

One of the few LED lights on the market with alternating colors (white or yellow) that can send yellow through a red tail light,
  The lamp is for cars that have combined flashlights / park lights or for those who want a backlight and flash in the same pedestal.
  This lamp gives a very good shine on both white and yellow.
  As park lights / blinkers, the LED light is solid white and when the blinkers are used, the white light goes out and the diode light starts to flash with a yellow shine.
  As backlight / blinkers Here, each color lights up when activated, on the other hand, always the blinkers take over when backing simultaneously.

Function: Switchback
Color: White/Yellow
Pcs: 1pcs
Diodes: 24st
Diodmodell: SMD 5730
Lampsocket: 3157 T25
LED W: 10W
Total lumen: 600LM
Exclusive G5: sends yellow though red glass
3157 sockets Challenger, Camaro m.fl

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