Relay 12V 40A with protective Diode 4p 1pcs

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Relay with Voltage protective Diode 12V SPNO 40A DIOD

Off/On Singel function 4-pin

A 12V DC SPST-NO socket mounting, standard mini ISO.
This relay has a protective diode on the coil that protects other power from disturbances that occur when a relay is released.
 The wide thermal value allows relays to work for many different applications.
Commonly with relay with spare time in race cars to reduce disturbances
 When transbrake, linelock, nitrous oxide etc. are released in traction cars.
 The barrier diode prevents nails when relay breaks off,
Foocle Relays

 Car racing where you do not want to nail when you turn off
 Race cars, drag race, rally etc. where there may be ignition disturbances when switching off the transbrake, nitrous oxide. Linelock mm
 Regular cars, yes, everyone wants a trouble-free system, and then there's the deadlock that applies.
• Socket terminals
• High switching capacity
• Wide temperature range
• Flux tight
• Good shock and vibration resistance
• Contact material AgSnO alloy

Foocle relay spec

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