Foglight Relay KIT 12V Approved fog function (10 set) 19mm

  • Brand: CTX Systems
  • Product Code: CTX_fog_relay_19_KIT_12v_10
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  • Weight: 1.10kg
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Foglight relay with complete foglight function 19mm switch

This kit includes a 12v fog light relay, one momental switch and sockets to switch and relay.

you only need to select a foglamp like swelight led foglamp or our combolamp with foglight and reverse light
in the same lamp, very popular for pickup cars and trucks, also need some wires and connectors

Includred parts:

1 Foglight relay
1 Momental Switch 19mm /diam (ex Trucks pickup etc)
1 Socket for foglight relay
1 Socket for momental switch

foglight kit installation.pdf

Configuration SPST-NO
With diode Yes
Flanged cover No
Contact rating 50A 14V DC
Coil voltage 12 V DC
Coil current 133mA
Coil resistance 90Ω
Coil power 1.6W

12V foglight relay


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