Blinker Splitter CTX with LFOD 5pcs

  • Brand: CTX Systems
  • Product Code: BS-1099STD Plusx5
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Weight: 2.25kg
  • Size: 1 x 2 x 3 cm
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Blinker-splitter 4.3 plus blinker Conversion

    SAVER PACK - 5 - 19pcs   

==GMC Chevrolet Silverado, contact us before order, you need to add 1par of 100W/6,8Ohms Arcol resistors.
==FORD F150, F250, F350, F450 - 2015 - 2020, we sugest to use The Ford Euro Conversion kit to get FM Radio, EU Maps etc.==

About Warranty on this product: We have no warranty on this product since we have noticed different kind of installations that
is not god for this splitter. We leave full warranty on installations made by cartown.
You can allways send the broken splitter to us, then we can have a check and se if we can fix it, contact with water? dont bather to send it.

Ver 4.3 +  From the US to European Standard. blinker conversion.
News from the old 4.3  to CTX 4.3 plus is new circuit board inside for better responce, no loose parts and safer pic chip,
It also have full protection for your cars electronics.

==European Reseller Distributors etc., please register a account with your VAT number ex  FR00000000

For LED and incandescent light.
Turn signal splitter separates brake and turn signals from the same cable.
Its, very simple togo back to original if you want to go the US-style between inspections.
This is the fastest way to Euro convert your import cars
IMPORTANT: Read the FAQ before you begin. IMPORTANT
And do not forget the shrink tube with glue, fuse, resistors and LFOD if needed.
Blinker Splitter also keep ECM module safe and does not change any current loads on other parts of the car.
With Blinker splitter you need not worry about this, splitter is the only product on the market that isolates brake and turn signals,
Blinker splitter handles both sides of the so only one Splitter per car.

---- NOTE: Be sure to order the resistors you need -----
Do you have dual tail lights on each side as camaro 2010-2013 with bulbs, use 3.3 Ohm 50W resistor
Corvette C6 works best with 2,2 ohm 50W
Do you have simple taillight and to insert the LED turn signals as you use our Arcol 6.8 Ohm 50W resistors (21-27W lamp).
If you have newer Mustang / Chrysler 300 others with full bakpaketet LED, needed probably no resistance.

About internal LFOD, we dont support the internal LFOD from 2018.01.01
A typical sign for LFOD problem is when braking and turnsignal right, the right brake might turn off
So you might try to use built in, if it works, Fine but we allways sugest Extrernal LFOD cubes.

We have no regrets and refounds on the Blinker Splitter.
Once a splitter has left us and we get it back we cant send it out to another customer. All splitters that leaves us is brand new
and tested before shipping.
LFOD Output is free to use but not supported, we recommend external LFOD

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