Blinker Splitter CTX SPQC 4.6 LFOD SplashProof, connector 1pcs

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Blinker-splitter SP  Ver 4.6 with quick connector and wire

Splash Proof for trucks, pickup and sedan cars

==GMC 2018 not working ok with Blinker Splitter==
==FORD F150, F250 -2019/20 soon has a new splitter for these cars==

No warranty on LFOD output, its just a bonus function

About internal LFOD, we dont support the internal LFOD from 2018.01.01
A typical sign for LFOD problem is when braking and turnsignal right, the right brake might turn off
So you might try to use built in, if it works, Fine but we allways sugest Extrernal LFOD cubes.

==European Reseller Distributors etc., please register a account including VAT==

The  SPLASH PROOF Blinker Splitter has been developed for converting USA specification car rear lights to European standard. 

The American system of direction indication is by blinking the brake lights, which is not allowed in Europe as all direction indicators must be amber colored.
Prior to the invention of the CTX Blinker Splitter the most common method of consolidating this problem was to connect the rear blinkers to the front blinkers
which includes a lot of work routing and concealing wires all over the vehicle.
This can also cause problems with lamp failure indicators and the brake lights themselves.
Why waste your time making a cobweb of wires all over the car when you can do it like a pro with minimal effort?
After you try this once, you won’t go back to cobwebbing ever again.
Several new models uses lampcheck wire and there you must use the splitter with internal or external LFOD in order to get it to work properly

The version 4 (MK4) gives you the option to power the blinker-splitter (normally a passive device). This will give you extra flexibility.

CTX Blinker Splitter is used by most professional car builder and professional car converters of USA cars.
Very fast and simple installation saves your company many hours of work.

The blinker-splitter makes it easy to convert brake and turn-lights on USA imported cars to EU standard. One (1) blinker-splitter unit per car is required. If you change from bulbs to LED lamps you may still use the blinker-splitter if you compensate the system for lack of resistance (load). It is also possible to use the Blinker-Splitter on cars with factory installed LED lamps like Mustang 2011. Read the manual.

If you have a car with LED-lamps AND a lamp Failure function Blinker Splitter now has built in LFOD that works on several models
some models still needs external LFOD like Camaro 2016.

Most US cars have brake and turn signals on the same wires, this means that, if one fulkopplar before the inspection so brakes
that in turn signal, and flashes the brake lights, this is not like the vehicle inspection (not your BCM electronics module in the car).
BCM Like Nor bunch of weird uneven loads so avoid fulkopplingar.
Turn signal splitter separates these signals so you can relax on to your existing rear light brake, and your new turn signals separately.
You avoid a lot of trouble, and insert then Europe approved Swelightblinkers in a good place, you have a car that goes through inspection ,,,
Yes, possibly in addition to other rules applicable xenonljusens level control and irrigation, park lights, red side markings, etc. as they may crack down on :-(
IMPORTANT: The power of the central brake light does not hold sufficient to provide all the brake lights with power ,,, so again avoid fulkopplingar !!!
ALWAYS USE shrink tubing with hot melt adhesive, no quick connectors and power thieves, do not cheat with this one repents after a few years, or down to the next owner of the car.

---- NOTE: Be sure to order resistance -----
Do you have dual tail lights on each side as camaro corvette and insert the LED turn signals as you use our Arcol 3.3 Ohm 50W resistor
Do you have simple taillight and to insert the LED turn signals as you use our Arcol 6.8 Ohm 50W resistors (21-27W lamp).
If you have newer Mustang / Chrysler 300 others with full bakpaketet LED, needed probably no resistance, such as the Mustang instead uses
they built-LFOD inputs, breaks any error message.
Have you thought of putting in standard LED turn indicator bulb or 16W in eg reverse lights so is this our 3,3Ohm / 50W good.
Camaron works with both 3,3Ohm / 50W or if you want a little smaller size 3,3Ohm / 25W, these will be a little warmer.
The box is universal and works for most people cars. Ford, GMC, Chevrolet, Jeep, Dodge, Cadilac, Chrysler

Go to manuals, where they will find the instructions you need for a smooth installation (new box fom 2012-10-23 and new manual. Ver.4)
For example, the Corvette C6 is used 2,2Ohms resistance for best results. (If switching to LEDblinkers)

Older cars, 90's, some early 2000, the Corvette C5, need not Turn signal splitter when it is enough to cut a cable above the proms pedal to get rid of
with brake turn signal cable, those cars must instead have a few relays to help with the power supply to the brake lights.
It will soon a new relay box, the box is much easier than Blinker Splitter but it still fills its function
by ensuring that there are plastic enough power to the rear brakes. Relay box for a much neater installation about: price: 490kr inc VAT.
But if you instead go toward 2st solve relay to the brake lights use relays with blocking diode to avoid disturbances that result when a relay switches off.

We have no regrets and refounds on the Blinker Splitter
Once a splitter has left us and we get it back we cant send it out to another customer. All splitters that leaves us is brand new
and tested before shipping.
LFOD Output is free to use but not supported, we recommend external LFOD

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