Swelight STAR 13026S. Miniblinkers tinted (1pcs)

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Swelight STAR 13026S. (1spcs) tinded miniblinker

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Swelight STAR is a revolutionary little sidelinker that's not only good-looking, it's also E-marked and 100% EU-approved, so-called 5-mark.
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Drill a 4 mm hole in the front panel, wipe clean and press firmly. Swelight STAR is mounted using 3M VHB tape that provides extreme strength and durability.
Swelight STAR is the one with the best margin, the absolute smallest side linker available today. The world's smallest miniblinkers.

So, if you want an extremely discreet look and an easy installation, STAR is the only option on the market.
Swelight star is by far the best LED Flashers available on the market today.

STAR is sold separately, either as clear glass or as smoke-colored.
12v, 30cm connection cable.

Quantity: 1spcs
Glass: Dark-tinted
Color LED: Yellow
Width: 2.5cm
Height: 1.25cm
Depth: 0.8cm
Cord: 30cm
EU-approved: Yes E-marked and 100% approved, so-called 5-mark.
Suitable for: All cars, Europe, Usa, Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, etc., even mc

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