LFOD Cartown decoder Lamp Failure Override (1pcs)

  • LFOD Cartown decoder Lamp Failure Override (1pcs)
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LFOD CTX Decoder Lamp Failure Override device (1pcs)

The device neutralizes error messages that may occur when you insert LEDs into a car that has standard lights
  The units are sold separately

LFOD Decoder prevents error signals from being generated by indicator lights (blinkers) caused by the very low power output of diode lamps in a conventional light bulb system.
  Also used in LED systems
The device does not replace resistor when moving from incandescent light to LED, it neutralizes error messages in the dashboard.

LFOD Decoder emits no heat and is completely moisture-proof.
  This is thus no resistance

There is 1 LFOD Decoder per power / indicator cable.

Multivolt: 12-24V
  Dimensions: 24x24x24mm

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