Swelight 13025S1 smoked blinker, glue (1pcs)

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 Swelight 13025S1 smoked glass, mounting glue

Swelight 13025 is a flashlight designed especially for those who want a nice,
Sustainable and approved solution for complicated Sweden / EU conversions.
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The Swelight 13025 is a unique flashlight, primarily because it is the first E-labeled light insert specifically designed for swivel conversions.
Extremely long durability thanks to LED technology, extremely good light output, low power consumption, simple rectangular shape that makes the device easy to install, low installation depth of only 9mm, fully enclosed design and double insulated connectors.
The Swelight 13025 is designed to last the entire life of the car. The flashlight is sold separately and comes with a 100 cm connection cable.
Rifled and adapted for lining, no screws are required. Easy to mount.

Quantity: 1st
Screw holes: No (glued)
Width: 13 cm
Height: 2.5 cm
Depth: 0.3 / 1.2 cm
Cord: 100 cm
Glass: Smoked
Approved: E9 Europe-approved rear blinkers
Suitable for: All cars, Europe, Usa, Camaro, Corvette, Mustang, etc.,
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